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The Knights Of Merry England .

The first and still the worlds leading Tourney.

Now available to take bookings for the 2012 season!

Book now to make your Jubilee celebrations a run away success!!

Contact Geoff Winship
The Knights of Merry England Ltd
Email Geoff Winship
Mob: 07702 888488 Tel: 01202 483777


Please help Sir Simon Elgin find his missing / stolen Parade Helm!

Click HERE to view our Promotional Video (Requires Windows Media Player)


In 2006 we celebrated our 40th year!!





 Read a visitors impression of our exciting Tourney. 

Words and Pictures by Huw Parsons after a visit to us in 2008 at Baskerville Hall.


If you are planning an Event in 2012 or have a suitable venue, we offer a complete package for your Gala, Show or Leisure Park to provide a full afternoons entertainment of none stop Action, Comedy & Thrills.

A professionally scripted and produced presentation. please email Geoff Winship.





Follow the Black Knight on his Crusade!



The Tourney is spectacular exciting & second to none, in its Presentation, Costume Spectacle & Entertainment value. Established since 1966, with a fully professional cast, beautiful horses bred & kept especially for the Joust.
We were the first on the jousting scene and still by far the best with well over 6,000 Tournaments to our credit at some of Europeís most prestigious venues. Our in-door tourney can fill any size of arena. With a running time of 2 hours.





Contact Geoff Winship
The Knights of Merry England Ltd
Email Geoff Winship
Mob: 07702 888488








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