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These are the horses you will meet if you come and watch one of our spectacular show, or maybe you have already ridden one of them around our arena?




17 Hands Gelding by Welton Casanova. (The Welton Stud is famous for it’s event horses) Anzak is out of a mare by our leopard spot stallion Merlin. he as a wonderful temperament, and a long easy, ground covering stride, and as jousted since 1986.


15.1 Bay Gelding , half Irish Draft, and a Grandson of Merlin, as been around the Tournament since birth, a tireless horse & amazingly fast on the tilt, Sir Simon Elgin’s favorite mount, and together they make a perfect partnership.



16.2 thoroughbred gelding (who’s registered name is PERTEMPS) had 5 outings came in last, and so became a very useful jousting horse, we have found that thoroughbreds either are very good for jousting or just don’t make-it, especially if they have raced. Brought on by Sir William Wallace they are now inseparable.



15 Hands Blanket Marked Appaloosa Gelding, extremely good looking “and knows it” came to the Tournament in the Summer of 2003, having just done light hacking and was jousting for Sir Thomas Randolf within a week, and is a bold charger.



16.1 Belgium Warm Blood, a powerful horse with an amazing turn of speed, and not the mount for the faint hearted, a loveable old rouge and a great character, one of the boldest horses in our Tournament, he thoroughly enjoys the Joust.


16 Hands 3/4 bred, Liver Chestnut Gelding, the personal mount of The Black Knight Sir Guy of Gisbourne, ( woe-betide any other knight who dares to ride him) a bold and athletic horse, intelligent and clever beyond his years! he knows every cue in the Tournament , the perfect jousting machine he does the Tourney without the reigns being touched. The trust and understanding between horse and rider can only be described as a love story.


Dark Bay 16 Hands gelding, Misprint another of our horses sired by Merlin, ( so named because all his brothers and sisters were spotted) is the Grandfather of the Tournament born in 1978 and still going strong, he takes life in his stride, and does not exert himself. he as paraded through every major city in Britain, including the Lord Mayors Parade in London, Vienna, Helsinki & St Petersburg.


15 Hands Welsh Cob Bay Gelding , the baby of our troop, he came to us in the 2003 season as a 5 year old, and from the first day decided that he would try to throw every rider that we put on him, indeed he dumped one of our novice riders eight time in one day, and then he met Sir Richard Earl of Cornwall, who gently took him in hand and taught him the business.


15 Hands Chocolate Dun Registered Welsh Cob Gelding, (Reg Name Abbery Smokey Joe). Joined us in the Summer of 2003 having been backed and then done nothing, had lead a very quiet life, and basically seen nothing, so what a shock to find himself infant of an audience of several thousand, with hundreds of banners waving in the breeze, fan-fares blaring, the clash of steel, and a mounted knight charging at him along the tilt! nevertheless within two weeks he was doing the job.