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We presented our first tournament for the season of 1966 at Heysham Head, Morecambe and were the first to produce medieval jousting tournaments in this century. So, seeing the potential for this unique type of entertainment, a touring unit was formed and over the years this unit has visited prestigious British venues such as :-



Powderham Castle 1982/83 & retuning in 2000 as a permanent attraction (courtesy of The Earl & Lady Devon) The Tourney is staged in the Deer Park with the Magnificent Castle as a Backdrop

Woburn Abbey (courtesy of The Duke of Bedford)

Longleat (Courtesy of the Marquis of Bath)

Cawdor Castle (courtesy of Lord Cawdor)

Blair Castle (courtesy the Earl of Athol)

Flamingo Park

Camelot Theme Park

The American Adventure

Thorpe Water Park *nine seasons*

International Garden Festival, Liverpool

National Exhibition Centre Birmingham

Royal Show Ground Kenilworth

Littlecote House for Peter de Savory returning in may 2001 courtesy of Warner Holidays)

Breamore House * five consecutive seasons*

1997 saw us as the main arena attraction at the Royal Driving Show, at Sandringham with a return booking for the Millennium. The Millennium saw us at Christchurch, as our 7th & final season as

“The Knights of Christchurch”

Foreign venues over the past few years have included four visits to Austria, the British Army Tattoo in Berlin, a tour of Holland, two summer seasons in Finland and a visit to Leningrad (St Petersburg). Where we were the only British knights to Joust on Russian soil.

Baskerville hall Nr Hay-on Wye May Bank holiday weekend for 6 consecutive years

Thank you to Warner Holidays for 11 consecutive Seasons at Littlecote Park Hotel.


The excitement and spectacular adventure of the Winship Medieval Tournament stems from a long and productive working relationship some five generations back tracing their roots to the start of circus with Astley's Circus where the Winship's brought their centuries' old knowledge and riding skills to the world of entertainment and fine horsemanship under the Big Top.


Born in the blood would be no understatement to describe tall, good-looking Geoff Winship who in the Winship family tradition was lifted from cradle to horseback within a few hours of birth and so began to learn the skills and dedication needed to survive and prosper in the hard testing life of the traveling circus. Through strength and resolute determination Geoff became a fearless, trick rider, an accomplished acrobat on the high wire, and mastered the intricate skills and fine sense of balance essential to the trapeze artist. Geoff Winship's dash and daring proved a popular entertainment in the true circus tradition.

In his teenage years Geoff worked at the Bradford Alhambra theatre for Francis Laidler. It was here where he learned all the aspects of production vital to modern theatre, a valuable experience which would be brought to fruition in the next stage of his career.
Here chance played a guiding hand. in 1966 Geoff was invited to produce and direct a Medieval Jousting Tournament for a newly opened entertainment centre at Heysham Head. From such small and fairly basic beginnings just four mounted knights engaged in combat the Winship Jousting Tournament moved from success to success. That opening season lasted for nineteen weeks performing to full houses with spectators queuing for more. And so the seeds of success were planted to grow into the Winship organization that we are so familiar with today. The Jousting Tourney blossomed and spread to become one of the foremost arena spectaculars of Europe. Nor was this all. Geoff was soon invited to mount other attractions and so the Winship Wild West Show was born.

Whether it be to rescue maidens and crusade in the name of chivalry or to ride alone against villains and bandits, both the knight-errant and the lone horseman have much in common. They both have a mission to fulfill, a cause to champion.

Although the growing demands of Medieval Jousting Tourneys and Wild West Shows have obliged the Winship's to put the cabaret 'under wraps' together with full War Bonnet and fighting regalia, the knife throwing and fire-eating CHEROKEES will be affectionately remembered by many a wild-eyed child and grown-up for years to come.




Geoffs beautiful wife Val has brought to the Winship tradition a show business pedigree just as impressive as her husbands'. For eight years she was head dancer at the Casino de Lebon, Beirut. From there she moved on to the famous Talk of the Town where she was leading lady for seven years being employed by Robert Nesbitt and Sir Bernard Delfont. Val is now in charge of the design and production of the spectacular costumes for all the Winship shows. She has the uncanny flair for incorporating historical accuracy and an artist's eye to create the beautiful costumes and regalia which dress the action to enhance its full excitement and danger.

In venues too varied and numerous to mention and with a life-time experience in entertainment spectaculars under their belt, the Winship Shows continue to perform all over the United Kingdom and Europe. Under the banner of MERRY ENGLAND