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The House Of Lancaster
The House Of York
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Sir Guy of Gisbourne

Sir Guy of Gisbourne (The Black Knight) whose coat of arms is a Phoenix rising from the flames, is renowned for his wicked deeds. Although he is a bold and fearless fighter, as been banished from the court because of his rebellious and treasonous acts.


Sir Lancelot of the Lake

Sir Lancelot of the Lake “ leader of the House of York” whose coat of arms is a Gold Lion on Red, is a bold and dashing knight. A favorite with the ladies, he is noted for his chivalry and fair play which as made him a popular champion in all the tournaments in which he as fought.

Sir William Wallace

Sir William Wallace. He wears the Black and Yellow reversed Crosses. Closely allied to Gisbourne, he is a bold, determined knight, who holds little regard for life, “be it is enemy’s or is own”. The hero of Scottish resistance, His life as been an endless battle to gain independence for Scotland and power for himself alone.


Sir Phillip Basset

Sir Phillip Basset – wears a Yellow & Red reversed Eagle. Sir Phillip is a royalist baron who by opposing the king was outlawed for a year. But as needs must now supports the king and as become the sheriff of four counties.

Sir Robert Ferrers

Sir Robert Ferrers wears a Silver Boar’s Head on Purple. He is the Earl of Derby, a cruel and violent man who destroys whatever he touches, be it people or possessions.


Sir Simon Elgin

Sir Simon Elgin carries a White Swan on Red & Green. Of noble birth and from early youth a skilled wrestler. Knighted by Charles du Blois, he broke 15 lances at his first joust where he appeared in disguise wearing borrowed Armour. A great leader, he always defended the rights of the common people.

Sir Thomas Randolf

Sir Thomas Randolf, first Earl of Moray whose coat of arms is a Goat’s Head – a turncoat knight renouncing his leader to save his own skin. He later became a most trustworthy knight performing great feats of arms in the service of Robert the Bruce the Warrior King.


Richard the Earl of Cornwall

Richard the Earl of Cornwall bears the standard of the White Fleur de Lis on Blue and Red. He owns two castles, one at Wallingford and one at Birkhempstead. He fought for the French territory at Gascony and was successful.

Sir Ralph of Salisbury

Sir Ralph of Salisbury wears a Castle on Blue and Orange. A loyal and prudent knight, skilled in the arts of battle and master of bluff. He distinguished himself in the Scottish wars and is one of King Edward 111’s most able commanders, much loved by all the barons and knights of England.


Sir Henry Marshal

Sir Henry Marshal, his shield bears the Brown Horses Head on Orange background. He as always been busy with brutal tournaments where he learnt the art of warfare. It is said that he once unhorsed the King of England when he was a young and rebellious prince.

Sir John de Catelape

Sir John de Catelape (sporting the Silver Dragon on Black & White). Sir John is a very powerful man. The Sheriff of six counties, he as gained power by giving council to the King, but his council is designed to gain favour and power for himself alone. He is an opportunist with a very wily tongue.


Sir Anthony Woodville

Sir Anthony Woodville, sporting a Black Bull on Orange. The second Earl Rivers. An accomplished knight and nobleman who fought a 2-day tournament with Anthony of Burgess, at first, mounted and using lances, then swords and on his second day on foot with daggers drawn. The King ended the fight before death could claim the combatants.